Luxury edible beauty

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Green Gate is an innovative health and beauty brand with a motivating wellness promise. It blends over 50 raw, natural superfoods into one simple & convenient shake to replenish enzymes and boost the immune system. We wanted to do justice to the style and purity of the Green Gate brand vision and create a logo that develops the idea of a gateway into a healthy future. The packaging design is elegant and beautiful and further develops the illustrative signature for the brand, which we created with images of the superfoods themselves. On-pack storytelling captures the provenance, origins and benefits, with every detail designed to heighten the promise of exclusivity and value. Green Gate is now in the top 4 bestselling brands in Harrods’ pharmacy department.

“Parker Williams was able to pull out the essence I envisioned for Green Gate and paid meticulous attention to detail when producing such effective branding and packaging.” – Innessa Bauer, Founder of Green Gate