Simple Pleasures

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Rachel’s is one of the UK’s best-loved organic yogurt brands, but its packaging had begun to lack cohesion and shelf standout. Our brief was to harmonise the range whilst strengthening its foodie credentials and emotional appeal. Retaining the brand’s iconic black and white identity, we simplified navigation and used gorgeous real fruit photography nestling against a creamy yogurt swirl to conjure up the yogurt’s fabulously natural tastes and texture. We built emotional appeal through storytelling across the pack, with Rachel Rowlands, the brand’s founder, speaking passionately about her recipes. Since the core range redesign we have developed a premium tier offer for Rachel’s, making greater use of black and adding glints of gold to lend an extra level of indulgence. The brand has seen significant growth in sales since the redesign.

“Parker Williams did an outstanding job in expressing our brand with style, impact and simplicity. The new design shows significant improvements in purchase rate and conviction in-store, plus increased visibility among non-users.” – Daniel Wheeler, Marketing Manager at Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy