Our team

We are a mix of thinkers and designers working together as a slightly obsessed band of visual strategists.

We strive to reflect the ‚Äúdesign with Conscience‚ÄĚ mantra of Parker Williams, so we all have the good of the planet and society at heart ‚Äď but without being too preachy or too earnest about it!

Parker Williams are in London, Yorkshire and Cincinnati, which creates a good mix of creativity, excitement and enthusiasm with a healthy dose of Yorkshire pragmatism to keep us grounded.

Parker Williams is part of Sun Branding Solutions, a company that specialises in packaging technology and process consultancy. This means that we can call upon their depth of expertise to help us to address all your sustainability and inclusivity needs without having to go to external consultants.

Jo Saker

Executive Creative Director

Guy Douglass

Managing Director

Tamara Williams

Senior Creative Planner & Co-founder

Vicky Huddle

Client Director

Simon Inman

Design Head

Nick Earney

Creative Artworker

Matt Crowley


Jason Phillip

Junior Designer

Laura Taylor


Donna West

Creative Director

Jayne Ingham

Head of Production

Anne-Marie Brock

Account Director

Caroline Kaye

Design Head

Darren Wyatt

Creative Director

Ross Gray


Claire Hoe

Design Head

Freddie Lean

Senior Designer