Moving confectionery shelf to chiller

The challenge

We’re all familiar with our favourite confectionery brands making an appearance in the chilled dessert category, but increased product innovation means there is more emphasis on creative flavour combinations, texture and formats.

Our challenge was to create a design which heroes the rich indulgence of taste and texture of product while still retaining the core visual equities of the Aero brand. We needed to better capture the more indulgent “me-time” positioning of Aero. 



"Parker Williams took on a smart approach and accomplished this with great success. We are delighted with the end result!"


What we did

Our starting point for Aero was to create a more aspirational “Heavenly” world for the new range with a richer golden colour palette and delicious illustrations which help to highlight each “spoonful of bliss”. Delicious single tubs help to differentiate the brand as a cosy “me time” treat. One spoon or two?