Aunt Bessie's

Real meals, not ready meals

The challenge

The challenge was to make Aunt Bessie’s more relevant to more people more of the time. Aunt Bessie’s recognised that their consumers find it a challenge to do things properly in their busy lives. Creating a real meal that satisfies one’s family is a victory – and people like to feel victorious, even in little ways every day.

What we did

Despite their busy lives, consumers still want to feed themselves and their families ‘real meals, not ready meals’. Brands that enable this are considering both functional and emotional consumer needs.

Aunt Bessie’s products enable people to achieve ‘little victories’. Aunt Bessie’s enables the family to enjoy real meals together, have empty plates at the end of the meal, heap praise for a job well done. Recognition of the time-poor frustrations of modern life and offering solutions without compromising on quality and taste was absolutely key.

By stressing the real ingredients and delicious end results – real meals made easy – we reflect the desire for people to feel supported, appreciated and happy. We also took the opportunity to bring Aunt Bessie herself up to date and more reflective of the brands core audience.

By stressing the real ingredients and delicious end results – real meals made easy – we reflect Spending time in the frozen aisle is never popular, so navigation through Aunt Bessie’s range of over 80 products is key. Strong brand blocking supported by clear differentiation to help with navigation and swift recognition of different products (whilst future-proofing the brand for possible range extensions) has been judiciously applied across the board.


The new packaging design answers the desires of the Aunt Bessie’s consumer to be supported and enabled, both in the recognition of the brand and the communication of the benefits of using the brand – being a hero!

The more youthful nature of Aunt Bessie herself opens up the relevance of the brand to a broader spectrum of people who want to feel heroic, whilst the beautiful imagery of real ingredients and delicious end results stresses the desire for real meals, not ready meals.

Working with Parker Williams has been a fantastic experience. Rarely do you meet agencies who take on your business challenges with such enthusiasm and a desire to really understand you as a brand. They totally get us and truly are part of our marketing team; oh and they also delivered a pack strategy and design that we are over the moon with!

Sam Dolan, Head of Marketing - Aunt Bessie's