Crafted - a new blend of design

The challenge

Crafted® is a range of uniquely crafted fruit juice blends. These deliciously light and refreshing juice drinks delight the taste buds with new and exciting flavour combinations that have been perfected, using a crafted intelligence -  knowing which fruits blend well together.

The Cracker Drinks Co.® asked us to redesign the packaging for their long established fruit juice brand. Using the new brand name Crafted®, our brief was to revitalise the range design whilst encapsulating the heart of the brand proposition – the craft of blending.

With the scope to update the packaging design it was important that a sense of evolution, rather than complete revolution, was maintained in order to take existing customers along the redesign journey too.

What we did

The name Crafted® drove the overall look and feel to the design from the impactful ‘stamp like’ brand mark to the intricately detailed illustrations, created in a similar style to those used in crafted ales and ciders.

Simple yet bold and vibrant colours were used to create impact on shelf, aid navigation and define a point of difference between variants.

It was important to retain recognisable visual equities from the existing Cracker Drinks Co.® brand. Using a large expanse of white, with a hit of black, gives a subtle nod to the old design. These equities are used in a fresh and modern way to create a more unique and visually engaging packaging design.