Manchester made

The challenge

Duerr’s have been making delicious jam and marmalade in Manchester for over 100 years. They are a part of the fabric of that city and are active in social and community support as well as making great jam.

The challenge was to reposition Duerr’s to reflect its purpose and its huge history, to give consumers and retailers a real reason to buy Duerr’s that was more than just product-based.

What we did

We worked closely with the Duerr’s team to develop alternative brand positionings that reflect the needs and desires of the jam and marmalade consumer. Having crunched through the relevant consumer trends and researched those alternatives in qualitative research a clear winner was “Manchester Made”.

The Manchester heritage and community links of Duerr’s give the brand real emotional pull. With that as the basis of the brief we designed a brand and pack that reflected the artistic and industrial heritage of Manchester by commissioning art from local Manchester artists to form the basis of the renewed range.

We also incorporated sustainability consultancy in the structure and weight of the jar to create greater efficiencies across the range, whilst retaining the easy-open “orbit” two piece lid to ensure ease of opening and ensure inclusivity.


The new packaging design has the strength and solidity of Manchester whilst reflecting the city’s own brand of creativity with the incorporation of specially commissioned artwork from local Mancunian artists.

Listings in major multiples have followed (Sainsbury’s and Morrisons), plus an increase in the pace of innovation and brand support.

Duerr’s. Manchester Made.