'Growing up' a much loved baby brand

The challenge

Ella's Kitchen has built its brand success through putting the child first; it's a principle that shines through on pack. Our challenge was to build upon the powerful brand idea and distinctive visual equities and 'grow them up' for new toddler ranges in step with the growing child.

"The Parker Williams team had an instinctive understanding of our brand and the world of child's imagination. It was a joy to work together on the brief to 'grow up the brand' and we are delighted with their creativity and the way in which they have nurtured our core equities"


What we did

We wanted to encourage a generation of good little eaters by feeding their imagination as well as their tummies. We delved into their world to explore how they play, what they watch and what they love as they race into their 2's and 2's; we then created visual positionings to explore creative territories around the brief.

Our packaging design idea, much like a toddler's picture book, tell simple visual stories with plenty of fun in the detail. Little ones are drawn into imaginary worlds where a monkey sails a banana boat, mice drive a carriage with apple wheels; it's a springboard for their own inventive stories. The familiar bold colours and hand drawn lines of Ella's are as distinctive as ever, but photography of 'hero' fruit and veg, integrated into the story telling scenarios, create a further layer of discovery and delight. In true Ella's style, good food is part of the good fun.

And it didn't stop there.... 

Big tastes for little superheroes everywhere

A new organic range of veggie snacks, specifically developed for 3 to 5 year olds, needed a creative theme drawn from the world of playtime, appealing to a bigger kid's sense of fun.

Our design idea introduces a cast of superhero animal characters, including a cheeky rabbit causing mischief, across a range of comic strips. And of course, a mighty veg ingredient is at the heart of the superhero action, showing just how cool veg can be.

The superhero theme runs throughout the packaging; pull-out superhero masks and collectible pop-out finger puppets mean kids can dress up and become their very own superhero too.

There's something for tiny ones too...

Learning through play

Our challenge was to design launch packaging for a range of finger snacks that are just the right size and shape for tiny ones learning how to pick up food and find their mouth on their own.

We wanted to make sure the 'grip me' benefit would be easy to spot in a busy fixture whilst retaining the Ella's brand look and feel. Ownable hand drawn development icons, simple but descriptive product titles and a colour palatte of strong pastels -  a departure from the bold colours of the core range - helps the packs stand out proud on shelf.