Green Gate

Beauty from the inside out

The challenge

Green Gate is an innovative, premium health and beauty brand with a motivating wellness proposition. It blends over 50 raw, natural superfoods into one simple and convenient shake to replenish enzymes and boost the immune system.

On the back of the success of the superfoods range we then also worked with Green Gate to introduce an organic skincare range, to further reflect the desire for consumers to approach their skincare regime in a natural and holistically healthy way. the brand takes the bold step from Food into Health and Beauty. Our brief was to create a visually distinctive packaging design for Green Gate Skincare taking learnings and design cues, from the health and beauty category whilst retaining the brand’s core visual equities and brand values.

What we did

We interpreted consumer trends around health and wellness to assist Green Gate to approach the design of this new brand in a way that reflects the needs and desires of their consumers.

We wanted to do justice to the style and purity of the Green Gate brand vision and create a logo that develops the ideas of a gateway into a healthy future. The packaging design is elegant and beautiful and further develops the equity of the illustrative signature for the brand, created with images of the superfoods themselves.

An analysis of emerging category codes in premium health and beauty led us to choose a richly luxurious colour palette for Green Gate, signalling the exotic and choice ingredients selected from round the globe. On-pack story telling describes the provenance, origins and benefits with every detail designed to heighten the promise of exclusivity and value.

To extend the brand into the skin care market, an audit of the health and beauty category identified the design codes used within the sector and our learnings helped to visually define a premium yet affordable beauty positioning for the range.


We're delighted that Green Gate is now top four best-selling brand in Harrod's Pharmacy department.

Our Skincare packaging design is now available in Green Gate’s first retail store in Arundel, West Sussex.

Green Gate Skincare completes the circle of the brand’s wellness proposition delivering a range of products with ingredients which provide a blend of nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals - all designed to make you feel happy, healthy and well on the inside as well as out.

Parker Williams was able to pull out the essence I envisioned for Green Gate and paid meticulous attention to detail when producing such effective branding and packaging.

Innessa Bauer, Founder of Green Gate