Fiercely Creative

The challenge

This was a fantastic opportunity to work with Sainsbury’s and their craft brewery to explore concepts and names that pushed the boundaries of creativity, whilst still ensuring they felt artisan, crafted and credible. There were 5 lines to consider, ranging from a lager to an oatmeal stout. Each variant needed a unique personality whilst still retaining a strong range feel.

"Parker Williams did a fantastic job at dissecting the brief and understanding the brand idea to deliver a beautifully crafted and artisanal feel design – right on brief. The end result is so impactful on shelf, - the colours are vibrant and elevate the taste cues perfectly. It has been received extremely well and I am really happy with the outcome”.


What we did

A selection of naming territories were explored with creative concepts that challenged existing “craft” beer visual codes and the associated, sometimes abstract, humour. Hyde and Wilde was chosen as it evoked a sense of small batch individualism whilst being simple, clean and impactful. We commissioned and art directed the illustrator Ian Macarthur to create a series of vintage-like etchings of wild animals. The illustrations support the individual flavour profile and personality of each variant with hidden illustrative details such as the multiple small bottles within the Zebra’s mane for the session pale ale.

Together with the strong look of the SRP and the carton, the design is truly unique. It successfully cuts through the noise of the busy craft beer aisle and is approachable and permissible for a wide range of consumers.