Celebrating the history & heritage of Liverpool football club

The Challenge

The previous brand identity of LFC was looking very diluted and lacking any emotional connection to the richness and heritage of the club and the city of Liverpool. We were briefed to simplify and enhance customer experience through a tiered system to encompass all products with LFC fashion and accessories, while also ensuring all elements of design and structural packaging to remain 'true' to LFC core values. 

What we did

We explored the history and the heritage of Liverpool as a city and then as a football club to ensure the packaging design had true relevance and fitted in with the club's DNA. We developed the packaging for the following tiers to encompass the new LFC strategy: good, better, retro, best and signature (luxurious gifting).

The result was made stronger by design and structure in synergy. We were able to create clear tiering through the use of interesting graphics and substrates to achieve an ultra- premium look. The design route chosen was inspired by the angular structure of the stadium, and the simple design allowed the 'Liverbird' icon to be the hero.