Capturing the Zest

The Challenge

We worked with Sainsbury’s to craft a design for their limoncello – the client wanted a design that felt artisanal and homemade – we did this by creating a label that was inspired by vintage travel posters and the essence of Italy. We wanted to create an illustrative design which oozed zest and told the story of the product. The frosted bottle & pop of red gave this product real stand out.

The brief involved understanding the shopping behaviour for limoncello, what people expected to see, what the market dictated and how we could create a brand with credibility and the right taste cues. 

What we did

We wanted to emulate the vintage poster so decided on an illustrative style. We decided on a close up crafted illustration of the lemons to really ooze the zesty flavour and to give it real impact on shelf. The colours used are expected for this product.

We wanted a pop of the vibrant red on the label and cap colour to give real stand out on the yellow and to add to the shelf presence. The simplicity but beauty of the label is testament to the era of those travel posters we had in mind and to evoke that feeling of being abroad.

The bottle itself ended up being quite slim so the label and design were worked to accommodate this sizing challenge but it had no impact on the overall result. The design is enhanced by the frosted bottle which adds something extra to the overall look and feel - a great impact on shelf.