Mighty Pea

The power of the pea

The challenge

How do you convince people to try a new wave of alternative plant-based milk? It was perceived that the dairy alternative market was saturated already. But pea milk is different. It has a range of benefits (higher in protein than other milk alternatives, plus high in essential vitamins and fibre) and its production is much more environmentally friendly.

What’s more it’s not green and it doesn’t taste of peas!

We were challenged to create a brand for the first pea milk in the UK, building brand awareness and attracting both current dairy alternative consumers and those who haven’t yet moved away from dairy.

What we did

Gen Z are the target audience for this product. We took into consideration that they will pay more for products and services created by those who are committed to positive social and environmental impacts. They also consume 550% more plant based milk than previous generations and are proven ‘erratic eaters’.

Retailers and brands are also responding to a rise in Veganism demands with the ‘switch to good’ campaign urging consumers to step away from cow’s milk by raising awareness about 4 key plant based benefits: health, performance, ethics and sustainability.

Gen Z want to feel a part of something. Part of a movement for good. We originally developed the ‘Mighty Society’ to reflect that. This became the company name, with an approachable and non-threatening design solution to ensure a low barrier to purchase. The Power of the Pea.

Clear ownership of a strong suite of colours, creating clear differentiation between products and strong standout in store, is critical for a new brand. The dairy alternative market is a crowded one, with similar category cues and language, so bold expression of a small but mighty brand is a must.


Immediate national listings in Sainsbury’s, swiftly followed by Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods and Marks & Spencer are a result of a strong brand with a strong story and a clear point of difference. Swift growth in sales for a small but mighty brand: how much longer will Mighty Society be able to describe themselves as “small”?