Share the Molto smile

The challenge

Molto is a range of pre-packed Croissants and Pates with sweet and savoury fillings for on-the-go snacking. Already well established in the Egyptian market, Molto wanted their range of products to appeal to a younger, fun seeking urban consumer. 

"We chose Parker Williams not just on their experience and great work but also on their enthusiasm and eagerness to work on our brand which we knew we could count on to help deliver and realise our brand expectations and positioning. The new identity feels modern, fun and fresh and further strengthens our position as a market leader and allows us to clearly stand out among competition. We really appreciate the effort and dedication shown on this project, Parker Williams did a very good job and demonstrated what it means to be a "partner" & deliver outstanding work"


What we did

Molto selected us to partner with them on this redesign as they felt our design solution future proofed the brand, whilst still respecting the values of the Molto brand. Our approach was to build on their existing loyal consumer base by engaging at a more emotional level and bringing modernity, fun and taste appeal to the packaging design. 
The hand-crafted brand mark is dynamic and approachable with a Molto ‘smile’ to reinforce sociability. The use of a bright, fresh palette injects energy and disruption to the Egyptian snack market, whilst hero ingredients bring desire and appetite appeal. 
The result is an exciting, colourful range of products that are easy to navigate, allow for future brand stretch and can be bought to life through all brand communications.