A curiously refreshing discovery

The Challenge

Newton's Appl Fizzics is an all-natural blend of apple juice and lightly sparkling water; a 'curiously refreshing' low-sugar option for those looking for an interesting, grown-up soft drink. Our brief was to create a quirky, engaging brand identity and packaging that would stand out from its more synthetic or sugary competitors.

"The team at Parker Williams were outstanding in all regards. The work we did together on strategy and planning was invaluable in helping us hone and express the essence of our brand. We were delighted with the work; the design, the creativity, the quirkiness and the quality. It is so clever to capture the entire brand story in one frame. The packaging makes the brand"


What we did

The name Newton's Appl Fizzics conjures up the tale of Sir Isaac and the apple. We loved its wit and felt that the humourous connection with Newton's story was a great start point for bringing to life a brand story, well-told through design.

Our striking logo distills, into a single icon, both brand name and the image of Newton sitting, cross-legged, under a tree watching the apple fall (happily lending itself beautifully to animation online). Tree leaves of shimmering colour fail create variant differentiation and highlight the 'Just apple' message. Scripted type and a tactile paper substrate add a touch of craft, quality and sophistication to the brand. 


Newton's Appl Fizzics has been extremely well received and is already a regular in Harrods Food Hall, Sainbury's and online retailers.