Add sparkle and joy

The challenge

Quality Street has been one of the nation’s favourite twist wrapped assortments for years. The chocolate and toffee assortment was originally produced in Norwich, and is now produced in Halifax, giving it 80 years of British heritage and craftsmanship.

The challenge for Quality Street was to create a packaging design which plays homage to the iconic visual equities of the brand whilst creating clear standout on shelf. 


"Parker Williams did a fantastic job at dissecting the brief and using both their creative innovation skills and knowledge to design the packaging for this product. We are extremely happy with the outcome, and look forward to seeing it on shelf"


What we did

The brief with Quality Street was to create a limited edition pack that was bold and impactful. A Limited Edition brand architecture was created to put the core visual equites at the heart of the design, allowing the distinctive look of each iconic flavour to take centre stage. The bold and impactful design for The Green Triangle, one of our favourites, adds some real Quality Street sparkle to the chilled dessert category.