Time to get pickling

The Challenge

Sarsons is a classic, established brand in home pickling but its range was limited and missing a touch of the inspiration that’s been attracting new, often younger, people into pickling - ‘the modern preservative’. The launch of new flavours in an extended range was the perfect opportunity to reassert Sarsons’ expertise; helping new picklers understand just how easy it is to have a go and exciting loyalists to try something a bit different.

What we did

The colours, tastes and textures of the wide range of pickled veg and fruit today has come a long way from Grandma’s pickled onions. Our design needed to reflect this and hint at the kaleidoscope of possibilities for a jar of homemade pickles. While creating a strong range identity, we also wanted each sku design to stand out and tell its own story – making it easy for picklers to understand which vinegar to use for what, and giving them the confidence to experiment.