Simply Done

The challenge

With a heritage spanning over 50 years Ski yogurts has been a family favourite and a food staple in fridges across the land. Although steeped in warm and fuzzy nostalgia the brand design itself was in need of a packaging refresh. Adding a touch of modernity and vibrancy to the range design would make it more appealing to modern day families and younger consumers.

What we did

Ski, quite simply, is a great tasting low fat yoghurt with real fruit pieces. It was essential that our creative work accentuated the creamy richness of the yogurt and the all-natural fruit ingredients. We started with a subtle recrafting of the Ski brandmark adding a thicker, more generous stroke to the lettering to emulate the organic flow and movement of yoghurt.

A deliciously appetising scoop of yoghurt is captured on a spoon which is centre piece of the packaging sleeve design. Photo realistic illustration is used to create a creamy wave of yoghurt which flows along the bottom of the pack. The spoon and wave device are used to navigate between flavours and across variants. A similar design architecture is used on the mousse packaging. Hanging down from the top right hand corner of the packaging sleeve are our appetising fruit illustrations. The fruit combos of Raspberry & Strawberry and Cherry & Blackcurrant dial up the natural ingredient messaging on pack and look delicious and ready for the picking!