Tesco - Individually Finest*

The challenge

The design of Tesco Finest* was beginning to look a little dated alongside other premium brands. Tesco asked us to help them relaunch it across the impulse category, putting provenance, quality ingredients, freshness and seasonality at the heart of the brand.

What we did

Our design approach brings to life each rich product story of craft, authenticity, expertise and care through highly distinctive, individually crafted design. Bespoke illustrations and hand-lettering reflect the care and attention that goes into each product, and ranges are united by the strong signature of the Finest* marque and use of black.

Our design for the Finest* premium chocolate collection uses a vivid array of commissioned illustrations to capture the origin and unique flavour of each bar; the product story celebrates the art of the chocolatier and includes a tasting wheel on the inner wrapper.

Individually crafted design continues across categories reflecting each story: wines with provenance and evocative tasting notes, the expertise and care that goes into the making of Tesco Finest* hand cooked crisps, the skill and traditional processes used to hand bake biscuits to an old family recipe.


Tesco Finest* enjoyed a sales uplift of 20% across the impulse range with a 30% increase for Finest* chocolates alone.